During summer season, the mucous and water levels in our body and our environment dry up due to the powerful rays of Sun. Appetite, digestion power, and body strength of an individual decreases. Due to intense heat and dry wind, water resources get dried and the plants appear dry and lifeless. The strength of the person become less, deposition of Vata Dosha occurs in body Kapha Dosha is pacified during this season. 

Diet regimen

  1. Foods which are light to digest—those having sweet, oily,cold, and liquid  such as rice, lentil are to be taken.
  2. Drinking plenty of water and other liquids, such as cold water, buttermilk, fresh seasonal fruit juices, milk shakes, meat soups, churned curd with pepper, Paanakas, Aam panna,tender coconut water, Kokam juice, Amla juice is to be practiced.
  3. Milk with sugar candy and ghee is to be taken at nights
  4. Salty, Spicy, sour taste and hot foods are to be avoided.
  5. Vegetableslike asparagus, cucumber, cabbage, sweet potato, celery, green leafy vegetablesto be used


  1. Stay in cool places
  2. Apply sandal wood and other aromatic pastes over your body
  3. Do light exercises like Pranayama, (Sheetali Pranayama) morning walks.
  4. Wear light clothes.
  5. Sleeping during day time is helpful.
  6. Excessive exercise or physical activity should be avoided.
  7. Alcoholic preparations, coffee, and tea are not recommend.
  8. Avoid sun exposure during the day, especially from 11 am to 3 pm.


       Common diseases of summer are sun stroke, exhaustion, indigestion, UTI, renal calculi, migraine, sleep problems              and skin boils. Chandanasava, Saarasaparilla, Usirasava, Chandraprabhavati are commonly used to manage summer          diseases.

      Panchakarma treatments done to manage summer heat are Shiro Abhyanga, Shirolepa,Taila Dhara, Takra Dhara,               Ksheeradhara, Mukhalepa, Lepana of body with coolentherbs, Akshitapana, shiro pichu, shiro basti.