Role of Ayurved as sports medicine:

*AIMS OF SPORTS MEDICINE*:-Sports medicine is branch of medicine which deals with prevention, cure, and rehabilitation of an athlete. Among this prevention is the most important part.

*AIM OF AYURVEDA*:-AYURVEDA is the oldest system of medicine with an aim of prevention of health of healthy person and cure illness.

*HOW DOES AYURVEDA HELP SPORTS PERSON*:-In ancient times many ayurvedic treatments and herbal preparations were used by the warriors to enhance their performance during war. These herbal preparations help in increasing stamina, preventing injuries, cure and rehabilitation of injured muscle and bone. They also help in speeding up the process of healing, even after a surgery. 

*HOLISTIC APPROACH OF AYURVEDA*:- Strength is not the only factor that is needed for being a good sports person. Along with strength, calmness of mind is also needed for good performance. Ayurveda with combination of YOGA  (asana, pranayam,meditation) has a very good result on an athlete's physical as well as psychological problems. It helps in increasing concentration, good focus, and reducing fear, anger, anxiety etc.

*AYURVEDA DURING OFF SEASON*:-There are many ayurvedic treatments which help in rejuvenating a sports person and they also help the athletes by making them capable to handle the physical and mental stress, and early recovery. 

*IS AYURVEDA SAFE*:-The herbal preparations in Ayurved are non steroidal and act by increasing the endurance naturally.