Our body is created with many unique structures e.g liver,eyes, teeth, etc. We have 32 tooth and they have different shape. Even the each individual have their unique shape to their tooth.

Dental problems are very common and it requires different specific treatments to cure it. Hence dental medical science is separated from general medical course.

Nowadays children’s are suffering from dental issues like cavity formation, degeneration, etc. So society needed of dentist for children’s. I am feeling very sad when I saw small children s are suffering from toothache, they have Tooth Pain, Abscessed Teeth , Cracked Teeth,Dislodged Teeth, Knocked-Out Teeth, etc.

Even with proper brushing and flossing habits, and regular checkups, you can have problems with your teeth and gums.Tooth pain, injury, increased sensitivity to hot or cold, and oral or facial swellings are just some of the signs of potential dental problems.There are many causes for dental problems, including decay,an injury or infection.Major cause of dental issue is we are unaware of some facts related to Ayurveda. These facts are mentioned here, please read carefully.You know about teeth that they are made up from calcium. Now my question is which of the body part is also made up from calcium?No need to think more. Answer is all bones in our body are required calcium. Ayurveda consider bones as one of the Dhatu (out of seven). Dhatu means supporting material which is very useful to built up our body. And Tooth are updhatu of bones. It means all tooth are related to bones.

Now one more important thing which we have to know is when we were children’s our Grandmother or mother was applying oil over the body to strengthen our bones. Yes, oil message over the skin make our bones strong. So, now I am happy that you are thinking about the oil and bone relation. How oil get our bones harder? Now you only keep it in mind in next article I will give you its details.

Now you understand that if oil is good for bones then it will definitely helpful for our tooth also. If you are thinking same then you are perfectly right. So daily in the morning gargling of lukewarm sesame oil and gentle message on gums gives strength to teeth. We have introduced “Shiv Danta Niga oil” which is very helpful to keep away all dental symptoms. Ayurveda not only treats the diseases but it helps to prevent many diseases.