Attempt to Suicide & law to Punish the Perpetrators of this crime was made by British , when everyone or anyone would threaten their Government about Fast Unto death.

Issue is related to Mental Health of Person resorting to gimmicks like licking a pesticide, knowing about the Antidote as Atropine injections & whispering in the ears to every family member to start collecting Injection atropines so that the Person & Reputation of family is saved, specially if there are daughters of marriageable age , going to respective jobs with a mother who has a job and is answerable to the poky neighbors . Such women are adept at creating a scare in every family member  or they want to threaten every family member to garner more sympathies by ruining the reputation of entire family.

The suicidal person is admitted as life is precious.

Who should be punished-the family members or the person who has licked a bit of pesticide , is wide awake, is talking about antidotes & other family matters Or The Person Who Has Threatened with Attempt to Suicide ?

Before Police books the 'Perpetrators' as Family Members , Should There be No Counselling done to the Person who has licked Pesticide?

Case of Jia Khan was Different & My Sympathies to her & to her family of Mother & other sisters.

I wish that She Had a Will to Live Despite...whatever happened.

I wish that she was educated and strong enough to take up a job or a vocation.

Matter is Subjudice & I do not want to comment more.

 Why it bothers me is the Stigma of taking a person to a Mental Doctor ,so that Timely treatments can be given and Every Drama , Every Stigma can be avoided.

 Stigma of Attempt to Suicide is as Bad as a Visit to a Doctor for Mental Illnesses.

 Sometimes to prove others as Mental , the sharp women resorts to such gimmicks. 

 She does not know about side effects of Antidotes like Atropine, some doctors give them at random for every case of Pesticide intake by mistake or licking it through Deliberation.

Side effects are Hallucinations, Fast heart beats , Being prone to Heart & Thyroid disease and the Worst of All is Addiction and Erratic Behaviour.

The Moment any of us comes across a woman ( males generally do not resort to such gimmicks, they just do it with success , feel sad for them ) Do Consult a Counsellor or a Specialist or a Senior family Member who can Infuse some sense about Value of Life.

There is No Shame in it but Shaming the Entire family by Suicide attempts carry more shame for the Victim & for entire family.

 Do Spread the word , take the person to nearest hospital to introduce about Real Sufferings and Real Diseases.