Asthma in children it really a dreaded disease....yes it's completely curable.  What is asthma? Let us make it v simple. It is hyper response of your airways. Hyper response means that your lungs over react to various stimuli like dust, pollens, change of weather, cold air etc.

Symptoms of Asthama are - often getting cough, shortness of breath, whistling sound which is called wheezing and chest tightness. You will observe that when your child runs or plays, they face some difficulty and start coughing. Yes it's hereditary. As a parent we need to question why only a selected few children are affected by these stimuli. Why only your child's lungs are reacting to these stimuli though the healthy children living in the same environment are not suffering at all. 

Is it the problem of the irritants or is there a specific issue with the child suffering from the Asthma. Unfortunately all the focus is only on the Asthama never on the child’s body or their immunity response, That is why most of the line of treatments only focus on reducing the impact of asthmatic attacks and are incapable of curing asthma. That is what has given birth to the common myth that asthma is incurable and can be at best only prevented or maintained.The drugs of choice used are these anti allergic medicines, steroids and inhalers .What these anti allergic medicines, steroids and inhalers are it is helping your child. Steroids are immunosuppressive so they suppress your reaction and lungs don't react to these stimuli.Antiallergics works temporarily to neutralise the allergic reaction in the body.Puffs and inhalers have steroids and medicines which are it relaxes the airways and helps the patient breathe freely.

At Paediatreat  contrary to all this we give medicines that build the immunity of the child and as a result their bodies don't react to these stimuli. Paediatreat has succeeded in completely curing scores of children of asthma permanently, making them relish and lead a healthy and normal life.  The holistic approach and innovative medi-care given at Paediatreat instils the patients with healthy habits like Regular yoga, pranayama and better emotional handling can build your lung capacity and is very helpful for kids suffering from asthmaBreathing exercises works wondersFamilies which have allergies should start milk, milk products peanuts and egg....late to their children.