Your baby’s little milk teeth are supposed to be white or yellowish white in color. When your baby’s teeth are of any other color, it may be a case of teeth discoloration.Don’t overlook your toddler’s oral issues, thinking that your toddler’s teeth are going to drop out. Good healthy milk teeth will pave the way for good healthy permanent teeth.

There are two main categories for causes of tooth staining- internal reasons and external reasons.

Tooth color Defect in Child caused by:

1. Medication- antibiotic tetracycline during pregnancy or breast-feeding

 2. Tooth injury- Dark stains

3. Weak enamel- Discolored Baby Teeth

4.Soda - acids in soda are known to cause Tooth Erosion

5. Fluoride stain

6. Tooth decay- Tooth decay is a result of poor dental care and habits.

 Discoloration of baby teeth is not something that cannot be treated in time. But remember to instill dental hygiene in your baby from an early age.

The Dentists in Dental Clinics in Nagpur educate parents about ways which can help you to guard and promote your child’s oral health.Keeping your teeth healthy by brushing twice a day helps maintain a bright smile for years to come.

Dr Sanjog Chandak