It has long been said about links between bleeding gums and heart diseases. Though this has not been proved, the linking is due to similar nature of inflammation processes in the two cases. Tooth decay bacteria found in the mouth have been found in the inner walls of heart blood vessels. Good reason to take care of your teeth, isn’t it?

Bleeding gums are more commonly seen in adults as an indication of a disease. And females are more prone to such infections; wherein released toxins cause inflammation and erosion of the gums.

7 Causes Of Bleeding Gums: Oral Alert

  1. Gingivitis, wherein a red line of blood can be noticed on the gum line. This might seem insignificant to many, but medical science has recorded direct relation of this to other forms of diseases like leukemia.
  2. Injury from trauma, like insertion of a foreign object in the mouth may lead to internal injuries. Or it may be caused by a physical blow, improper brushing, picking of tooth and so on.
  3. Bleeding gums can also be caused by chemicals in soft drinks, junk food, mouth fresheners, off-the-shelf dental whiteners and medicines. So when you hear someone warning you “…avoid outside food…” there is always that element of caution in it…
  4. Poor dental care and oral hygiene can lead to diseases that in turn can lead to bleeding gums. Discomfort may be caused by dental plaque formation, cavities, retracted gums, infections like mouth sores and weak gums.
  5. Blood disorders like hemophilia, clotting disorders, leukemia and thrombocytopenic purpura, etc. too can lead to gums bleeding. As well as excessive medication for procedures like chemotherapy can lead to bleeding from gums.
  6. Then there are bad food habits and unhealthy lifestyles that can cause bleeding in gums. Bad food habits lead to nutritional deficiencies that further lead to poor gums.
  7. Hormonal changes during pregnancy is another reason why women suffer from bleeding gums.

Bleeding From Gums Is A Growing Concern

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US brings out an alarming trend for Oral and Dental Health. It says, that

  1. 16% of children between the ages 6-19 years go with untreated dental caries while
  2. 24% of adults (20-64) live with untreated dental caries and
  3. 81% of children (2-17 age) have visited a dentist last year as compared to
  4. Just 61% of adults (61%) with a dental visit

The situation in urban India might be quite similar. With more people joining the fast lane of life, bleeding gums has become one of the major causes for a visit to a dentist. And good dental care will need to be accorded high priority by everyone, for better health and happier living.