Hello people out there,  today I will be telling you some essential exercise to overcome your  back pain. 

         Now a days back pain is such a common problem to everyone,  you have ever thought why is it getting so common now a days to the young crowd also and why our elders were not having it in their young age?? 

         We have made our-self so busy in working and earning that we don't give importance to Exercise, If we can remove time for our food then why not Exercise as without that at some point of time you will need an Orthopedic or a Physiotherapist.

         So please spare at least 30-45 mins from your busy schedule and start Exercising.

Today let me give you few very basic Exercises for Back pain.

  1. ISOMETRIC BACK: Press your Head and Heel on the bed without making your body tight and holding your breath. Hold the position for 5 Secs and then Relax.
  2. ISOMETRIC BUTTOCKS: Tighten your Buttocks in such a way that you feel a mild stretch on your Back.Hold the position for 5 Secs and then Relax.
  3. ISOMETRIC ABDOMINAL: Tighten your lower abdomen in such a way that your Pelvis turns backwards and your back touches the bed, do not hold the breath while doing this Exercise. You can keep a Towel roll under you back to feel the back movement.Hold the position for 5 Secs and then Relax.
  4. ISOMETRIC ADDUCTORS: Bend your both legs from the knee, keep a pillow between them and press it, while doing this Exercise you have to follow step 3 as well. Hold the position for 5 Secs and  then relax.
  5. ISOMETRIC ABDUCTORS: Bend your both legs and tie a towel or cloth around your both knees,now press your knee out on the Towel.Hold the position for 5 Secs and then Relax.

These are the very simple and basic Exercises for your back, will surely try to cover the advance exercise in my next article. Till that time you can practice these exercises.