Did you know that people are programmed to be attracted to those seen as fit, and therefore attractive? Believe it or not, physical beauty is prized out there in business, in social and professional circles.

Surveys prove that less attractive people have to be extra talented at whatever they do. They need to outshine attractive people in personality and intelligence. That is the only way they can get ahead.

A fit person is able to deal with and handle the daily stresses of life better. The main benefit of fitness is that it makes you stress-free.

And what about Mental Fitness? The peace of mind that comes from knowing your body is in top shape, ready to deal with whatever comes along, is a priceless possession. You feel wonderful that you’ve spent your day wisely, and invested time well. That gives you a sense of real accomplishment.

Increased energy levels are one of the greatest benefits of fitness. This results in raised self-esteem and confidence in your appearance. People with good health and fitness shine not only in looks, but in how they treat others, and in the pleasure they take in going about their daily activities.

Fitness becomes more important as you advance in years. The onsets of many age-related mental disorders occur because we haven’t taken the time to keep our mind youthful, and involved in new learning. There’s also the added benefit of being able to participate as a productive citizen, well into our retirement years.

For many older citizens, keeping the fitness of their bodies and minds correctly means that they are also able to continue to interact in their chosen work profession, keeping them continually active, and serving as a continued source of enjoyment.

The benefits of being fit and keeping active, is an improved quality of life– being able to do things you enjoy for longer periods of time. For example, playing with kids, gardening, dancing, or walking.

Being fit has many short-term benefits, such as an improved sense of well-being, and long-term benefits, such as reducing the risk of suffering many debilitating diseases.

Short-term benefits of fitness include:

  • A healthier heart
  • Healthy muscles, bones, and joints.Increased burning of calories
  • Better ability to cope with stress
  • Improved ability to fall asleep and sleep well
  • Helping older adults become stronger and move around more easily
  • Reduced feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Increased energy.
  • Increased mental acuity sharper and faster thinking

Long-term benefits of fitness include reduced risk of:

  • Dying early
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Dying after a heart attack
  • Developing high blood pressure
  • Developing type 2 diabetes
  • Developing colon and breast cancer
  • Becoming obese
  • Stroke
  • Fitness helps provide armour against these illnesses

A great benefit of being fit is getting an inner glow. This result improves facial appearance and body composition enhanced social life and increased stamina. Compliments fly your way!