Summers will be a testing time for your skin, particularly if you have got an acne-prone skin. The sweat ends up in clogged pores whereas the UV rays will worsen inflammation in your skintype—an absolute nightmare for acne-prone skin. Lookout out for the summer skin mistakes below if you’re tormented by acne problems. 

Not using an acne-fighting regime

There has to be a modification in your skincare regime in the summers if you’re liable to skin problem or acne. You will not have had acne for few months, however, summers will actually check your skin, particularly if you have got acne prone skin. Make sure you incorporate an acne-fighting skin care regime. We propose to use the Pimple Clear FaceWash. Its Active Thymo-T essence works towards dominant excess secretion production and thus, reducing pimples.

Not paying attention to your body

While you look after your facial skin, keep in mind to present your body that much-needed tender loving care. Keep in mind that excessive sweat and dirt usually ends up in clogged pores. This can be what causes one in every of the foremost common summer skin problems—bacne. We propose to use the Vaseline Intensive care Soothe lotion. This is a soothing lotion that keeps your body moisturized and doesn’t feel one bit greasy on the skin. 

Spending an excessive amount of time in the sun

Sure, the sun would possibly provide us our dose of Vitamin D, however, spending too much of time in the sun will really worsen acne. The sun’s rays will really cause intense inflammation in the skin and so, worsen your skin if you have got acne concerns. Moreover, if you have got old acne problem that refuses to leave your face, you would possibly worsen the problem further because the UV rays can just deepen the scars.