Did you know that exercise is the most natural way to actually detox, where toxins don’t just get removed from the surface but from deep within the cell.

A new research published in at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas stated through a study that states how exercise can actually help remove trash that accumulates on a skin membrane as a result of daily wear and tear aggravated by unhealthy diet.

In a healthy body the cells are equipped to regularly sweep away the daily toxins. Infact they can so efficient that they know how to re-cycle this use it to release energy in the body. Each cell has a membrane that facilitates in the process where one part, cytoplasm, takes it to the recycling part, lysosome,of the cell where it is used as a fuel.

Without this natural eco-system, cells will get buried under the waste which will result in the malfunctioning of the cell and eventually the death of the cell. Some scientists have also stated that maybe its the malfunctioning of this eco-system that results in the development of a range of diseases, including diabetes, muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Another interesting revelation is that slowing down of the cell’s inherent capability to recycle waste as we reach middle age is also believed to play a role in aging.

Exercising, on the other hand, showed remarkable increase in the of the cell membrane. This change directly affected the natural “self eating” tendency of the cell to remove the waste accelerating the natural process of recycling the toxins. However the study also stated that exercise alone was not enough for ideal results. The combination of diet & exercise  was also given equal importance to being healthy and even reversing lifestyle related disorders like diabetes.