Have your teeth suddenly reduced in size over the last few years?? Do they now look smaller than what they were when you were younger?

The image shown above is typical of what we find in the mouth of someone who is a bruxer or someone who grinds his/her teeth. The edges all get worn off and teeth appear like they have shrunken or have become smaller in size. This is a serious matter and should not be left unattended. It has some very serious effects in the long run affecting your jaw line, and your face profile as well as your chewing abilities.

If you hear grinding sounds from your mouth when you are in stress at home or work, or if someone makes you aware that they could hear you grind your teeth while you were asleep, you may be suffering from Bruxism.

If you have identified yourself as a bruxer, please visit your dentist as soon as possible in order to help your teeth from further damage. It can be corrected very easily using something known as a mouth guard.