Everyone desires sparkling white smile. Patients normally inquire, "How to make teeth pearly white?" It is not necessary that only white teeth are clean or healthy. The color of teeth is dependent on the translucency of Enamel, which is naturally White. If Enamel is opaque, then it will not reflect color of underlying Dentine, which is  Yellow. This will make our teeth appear white, greyish white, yellowish white depending on translucency of Enamel, However, if Enamel is transparent, then one is able to see color of Dentine, making teeth look like different shades of yellow.

So, we have to be more concerned, about cleanliness of teeth rather than color. Brushing twice a day, proper brushing techniques, cleaning of tongue are some of the simple points to follow. Visit Dental Surgeon once every six months will go a long way in avoiding major dental treatments.