Endangered species are plants and/or animals that are on the brink of being extinct. My article today is not an exact meaning of the above phrase, but by the end of reading this, I am sure that you will know what I am trying to convey with this write-up. 

Today, there are government aids and NGOs that are working on saving tigers, certain species of plants, and the African rhino. These are brilliant efforts! However, let us also know about another species that might get endangered if correct steps are not taken. Let's compare those with trees...

Today, there are approximately 61 trees per person. We need to protect trees to protect our ecosystem. We have to prevent them from being uprooted and axed. We need to grow more trees by planting seeds, so that our children & our grand children have a better ecosystem around them. A single tree (yes, just one tree) has a life of 8 years, which is enough to give us oxygen & food and help stabilize our environment. 

Now, when we compare trees to our endangered species... There are ONLY 28 such per person. We need to protect them to protect ourselves and help us eat. We have to prevent them from being decayed and axed and from being extracted. Sadly, we cannot sow seeds and grow them. We get only one set for our lifetime and we must help them be in the best of health to function properly. Each of these 28 have a life of 80 years (yes you read that right!) if maintained properly to serve us. 

Yes, I am talking about our TEETH. We need to protect them, maintain them and ensure that they serve us for the rest of our life so that we can eat with them, smile with them, and talk in their presence. 

And another interesting thing here. While a single tree is home to 248 species of insects, there are over a million types of bacteria inside our mouth that keep damaging our teeth. 

So, with campaigns such as save-a-tree and save-a-tiger, it is time that we also introduce save-a-tooth campaign, for our betterment. Let us brush properly and be regular in our visits to the dentist, and SAVE THEM TODAY!!