After repeatedly being told to stay away from sweets as they are fattening and can cause a lot of health problems, our brains have been programmed to think that anything sweet is fattening and bad for health. The big dilemma arises when we see fruits which are supposed to be good for health but then again are pretty sweet in taste. Our brain immediately calculates and logically interprets that it must be fattening as well! Well that’s how misconception and popular myths are generated, by a collective conscience! The interesting thing is that some foods actually contain no fat or extremely low fat content but are avoided because of the false belief that they contain too much fat and then there are those foods which don’t have fat themselves but promote fat storage in the body leading to weight gain. Fruits on the other hand even with their delicious sweet taste contain very low or no fat at all, kicking the popular notion out of the door.Let us give you a list of fruits which are ‘popularly thought’ to be fattening but are actually just plain full of health and not fattening at all! 

Bananas– Bananas are very nutritious and healthy just like any other fruit and it contains extremely low levels of fat. But the added bonus in case of bananas is the extra content of potassium in it, which promotes muscles growth and keeps the muscles working smoothly, thereby preventing spasms and crams. Ever known any dessert to do that? When bananas are ingested with milk they combine to become the greatest muscle food and end up promoting fat loss which is just the opposite of what you thought! So don’t wait just go bananas!To get more information, read this article are bananas fattening?.

Mango– We absolutely love gorging on mangoes. But when we end up consuming 3 in one go and continue the pattern for the whole season, we end up putting on the extra mango weight making us think that mangoes have fat in them. Quite the contrary, mangoes have no fat in them at all. What they do have is carbohydrates, which provide energy to the body to function, now what happens when we take in too much energy and don’t work our bodies enough to utilize it? Our bodies convert them into fat and store them up for later use. Thus if you want to consume energy worth 3 mangoes a day make sure you work your body enough to use it all up otherwise you are just inviting the extra weight!Read more information on do really mangoes make you gain weight.

Apples– If you don’t have apples in the form of apple pie or any other apple flavored dessert then you are not ingesting any fat at all. Apple provides such tools to your body that it can actually fight off even the risk of many diseases. So, an apple a day- literally keeps diseases at bay!
Chikoo– Another fruit known for its sweet taste, hence obviously thought to contain fat is chikoo. But chikoo in all fairness has no fat whatsoever. It is loaded with fiber and good carbohydrates and remember what I told you about over fueling on too much energy. The same logic goes here too. The basic logic is that fruit sugars provide sustained energy, and fiber keeps you from getting hungry. Eating the fruit in moderation will make you healthy and not fat! 

Strawberries– When we say strawberries if all you can think of is the ice cream then yes that strawberry ice cream is fattening. But strawberry the small red fruit has absolutely no fat. What it does have is a wonderful flavor and plenty of antioxidants which helps in preventing the risk of serious diseases like cancer, it also keeps you youthful by delaying ageing.

With that we cover the most popularly believed fattening fruit myths. To leave this topic with a fruit with actual fat content- Avocado, but the fat in avocado does wonders for your skin. So whenever you feel like indulging in something sweet go ahead with any fruit without any doubt. A fruit is way better than any other sweet dessert by a huge margin no matter which fruit. Now to clear the names of the innocent veggies who help in giving us so many essential nutrients and get a bad name anyway, thanks to our overindulgence and unhealthy means of cooking them. 

1. Potato– We start off with the poor potatoes, the thing is when you fry anything you turn it into a reservoir of fat. So no surprises here when we hear that French fries and potato chips are full of fat and are unhealthy. In reality the potato itself contains no fat and can actually help you lose weight. So if you love potatoes, learn to eat them in a healthier and intelligent manner, and then you won’t have to worry about putting on weight at all.

2. Broccoli– This is the healthier brother of cauliflower. It is loaded with numerous antioxidants and is one of the healthiest vegetables available. Plus no fat content at all, no wonder it is so regularly used in healthy salads and stir fries.Read to know salads for weight loss and health.

3. Beans– So many different kinds of beans are available and you will be surprised to know that none of them contain any fat. They are actually very beneficial when trying to gain muscles and have a plethora of other health advantages included in the package. So don’t think twice before including beans in your meals.

4. Lettuce– This is one of those foods which actually makes you lose weight as the body invests more calories in digesting this vegetable than it actually contains. Lettuce is full of water content. It’s because of this quality that it’s the primary ingredient for most salads.So, eat your vegetables and fruits without the fear of their fat content. They will help you lose weight, gain muscle and get fit and super healthy!