Why physiotherapy in pregnancy:

  • The first and foremost thing is after you conceive, your body is the same as before, in terms of muscle power, the centre of gravity.
  • Though your weight, hormones, mood changes but your muscles are the same. Rather in order to support you properly during the development of your womb, they get exerted plus your posture changes lead to a backache, knee pain etc: In Antenatal classes, we educate you about muscle reduction, posture correction.
  • Muscle reduction includes your back muscles, neck muscles, pelvic floor muscles, lower limb musculature, abdominal muscles your respiratory muscles etc- Relaxation is a very important aspect of pregnancy. It leads to your body and mind relaxation and indirectly to your ”Baby”.
  • Conversation with your baby is an unavoidable part of your pregnancy for bonding with your baby- Exercise or physiotherapy session prevent you from postnatal problems like cervical spondylosis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome etc.
  • Proper positioning during feeding your baby is very important in sleeping or sitting position which is taught to you in your physiotherapy sessions.
  • Antenatal exercises also help you in prevention from Prolapse in your future as we strengthen your pelvic muscle and re-educate them to support your uterus.
  • Thus physiotherapy helps you feel strong, energetic and indirectly happily enjoy your journey with your baby in your womb and even after your baby is beside you after delivery. Have a wonderful antenatal and postnatal period with proper physiotherapy sessions.