American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (2007) defines antenatal care as, "A comprehensive ante partum care program involves Coordinated approach To medical care and psycho social support That optimally Begins before conception and extends Throughout the ante partum period.“

Following are components of Antenatal care

  1. Pre-conceptional Care,
  2. Prompt Diagnosis Of Pregnancy,
  3. Initial Prenatal Evaluation,
  4. Follow-up Prenatal Visits.

Diagnosis of Pregnancy

Signs And Symptoms -

  1. Cessationof Menses
  2. Changes in Cervical Mucus
  3. Breast Changes
  4. Vaginal Mucosa
  5. Skin Changes
  6. Changes in the Uterus
  7. Cervical Changes
  8. Perception of Fetal Movements

Pregnancy Tests -

  1. hCG in maternal blood and urine 
  2. Sonographic Recognition of Pregnancy

The  First  Visit


Pregnancy test positive within a few days after missed period

Early pregnancy complications like miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy may be first diagnosed in the clinic

Following are investigations to be done at first visit


For patients with no risk factor

  1. every 4 week till 28 weeks
  2. every 2 week till 36 weeks
  3. every week till delivery

Minimum 4 antenatal visits are necessory

For patients with risk factor

  1. every 2 week till 28 weeks
  2. every week till delivery


The most common vaccination during pregnancy is tetanus toxoid

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