Sprains are nothing but pulls, stretch or partial tear of ligaments. Ankle sprains are very common especially in civilian practice.

The common mode of injury is slip and twist of the ankle. The outer side is more involved. It presents with pain and significant swelling on the outside of the ankle.

  • Swelling and pain on touch on the outside of the ankle. 
  • Bruising can sometimes be seen which signifies more severe soft tissue damage.

X ray is often requested by the doctor to rule out an avulsion fracture of the ankle bone.


  • Elevation of the leg on pillows is the single most important  action to be taken by patient
  • Icing the involved part continuously reduces swelling significantly. 
  • Anti-inflammatory spray is ok. But massage is a no no.
  • Your doctor might prescribe you an ankle splint or elastic support for comfort.
  • A few days of confinement is sometimes important to limit swelling

If pain does not go away in 2-3 weeks, an MRI scan is warranted to look for significant ligament damage.

Quantum ligament damage is treated surgically by repairing the ligaments-Bostrom's procedure- a procedure undertaken by qualified FOOT & ANKLE SURGEONS.