A frequently asked question is : How does one treat the dark circles under the eyes and make the eyes look bright and alert?

I approach this with a couple of essential investigations done before any advise is imparted! 

Check the levels of haemoglobin and vitamin levels so that if there is any imbalance, it can be addressed! 

Three important steps to treat dark circles: 

1. Eat healthy: focus on eating dark green leafy veggies and red/ orange fruits in abundance! Drink enough water and at least 2 glasses of milk and curd daily.  

2. Get adequate sleep and de-stress by doing yoga and meditation. Exercise gives a good boost to endorphins and helps in blood circulation  

3. Keep some used tea bags in the fridge and keep them on the eyes daily for ten minutes. Alternatively one could cut slices of cucumber or potato. Under eyes could be massaged using a little honey and a drop of lemon juice. Use the ring finger and massage from the nose bridge to the outer side - about ten strokes! 

Keep smiling!