Do you know how many medicines cover one single problem ie. Sleeplessness in homoeopathy?In one the most readed and used book by homoeopaths around the world, Kent's Repertory, the number is 228!228 medicines cover sleeplessness. That's a lot of medicine each being unique, each carrying their significant properties and without any side-effect.Do you know what is the line of action in allopathy for this same disorder?According to, the treatment part ie. the pharmacological part covers two lines of drugs-

1. First line of drug which include

So these are the only conventional drugs that a allopath will use on you and not to tell you again and again how adverse the side-effects can be of these drugs.

2. The second line of treatment is way to worse, for now the allopath doctors are fed up with the patient and just want him to sleep and end their misery. So, what do they do?They add to the picture Antidepressents, Trazodone and Antihistamines, in other words, DESPRATE MEASURES!And the side effects of all these can be read on any government authorized website, let me share few links for your benifit- Mind you, start reading the link I shared from the last line, that's where the most dangerous side-effects are been named.You be the judge, you choose what do you want to have.I, myself being a homoeopath might look like a partial person but if you have brains you will see what I intend to warn you about.Stay healthy, be safe.Spread love and joy.Take care everyone.