A rise in the allergens and pollution is nowadays leading to hyperactive airway or allergic responses in many people. The most common system involved in Allergy is:·      

  • Nose     
  • Lungs      
  • Eyes    
  • Skin

Let’s know more about allergy.

Why is allergy?

Our body has the defense mechanism which consists of white blood cells. When an intruder enters the body in for of allergen it causes the body to react against it. The body tells the white blood cells to start the attack and they go into defense mode and attack the allergen. White blood cells fire the guns called Histamines which acts on all systems exposed to the allergen and tries to remove the allergen by Cough, sneezing, watering of eye and nose.  

Is allergy normal? 

It’s a response from the body towards intruder so it’s an increased response of the body. It can’t be totally treatable but it can be controlled to the limit that it doesn’t bother you much.  

What happens in Allergic Rhinitis?      

  1. Watery discharge from nose   
  2. Stuffy nose      
  3. Red nose      
  4. Itching in nose and eyes     
  5. Sneezing      
  6. Throat Irritation and Itching    
  7. Dry cough 
The Allergic response produced by our body towards different organ system has different names:      
  • Nose= Allergic Rhinitis     
  • Throat= Allergic Pharyngitis     
  • Lungs= Asthma      
  • Eyes= Allergic Conjunctivitis     
  • Skin= Allergic Dermatitis

Is it Treatable?

It could be totally controlled by medicines. It’s always recommended to take medication after specialist check-up and approval only. Do get yourself checked before self-medication.  

Do I need to take medicines whole of my life?

Allergy is a defense mechanism of the body and we can’t remove it totally ever, so we suppress it. That’s why the treatment of Allergy is taking medicine on and off and yes it’s a long treatment. I hope I’ve covered the most important questions about allergy, feel free to message more queries I’ll certainly give the reply as soon as possible.

Be Happy & Healthy.