Is sagging breast your matter of concern? The sagging of the breasts is a natural occurring that happens due to ageing, an abrupt change in weight, pregnancy or genetics. Breasts of women undergo various changes with different stages in life with respect to firmness, size or protuberance. Due to the effect of gravity and lack of support the breasts end up hanging below the breast fold and droop with nipples almost pointing downward.

Many women correct their situation by opting for a Breast Lift surgery or Mastopexy. Breast Lift surgery basically addresses any problems like uneven breasts or sagging breast.  The procedure involves removing the excess skin and giving it a firm shape. In fact, the areola sometimes gets enlarged over time and breast lift is able to address this problem too.

Often people expect unexpected results from Breast Lift Surgery. So here is an important point to note, this surgery is not responsible for increasing the breast size or do not give it a rounder shape. If you desire such results then you must opt for Breast Augmentation procedure.

What is a Breast Lift Surgery?

A Breast Lift Surgery also popular as Mastopexy is responsible for making breasts firmer, perkier and brings a much more pleasing appearance. The procedure is thus responsible only for improving and enhancing the physical appearance and brings back a rejuvenating appearance.You can feel the changes yourself when you won’t hesitate in wearing swimsuits!

However, the Breast Lift Surgery procedure involves removing the excess, expanded out skin, reshaping breast tissue, and also repositioning the nipple and areola. To achieve the best results you need to consult any skilled and experienced surgeon who adept in these procedures to provide the best results and provide a much natural, proportioned appearance. 

Who can go for Breast Lift Surgery?

  • Women who are in good health and are desperately in need of a remedy for sagging breasts can be considered as the perfect candidate to opt for Breast Lift Surgery. 
  • The woman must keep realistic expectations about the results of the surgery and clear out all queries by discussing them with your surgeon.
  • The woman obviously has to above 18 years of age with sagging breasts.
  • The one opting for Breast Lift Surgery must be physically and mentally stable. She must also have a stable weight with no plans for major weight gain or loss.
  • Anyone planning to go for Breast Lift Surgery must not keep any plans for being pregnant or breastfeeding after this procedure.

Breast Lift options for you:
There are a number of options for Breast Lift Surgery that your surgeon will choose for you depending on your choices, condition and the desired result.

  • Standard Lift- This surgery includes standard anchor-shaped breast incisions. The anchor incision procedure will leave permanent scarring even after recovery. Surgeons use this technique to reduce the sagging droopy breasts of the lower half of the breast giving it a much perkier and youthful appearance. Women with smaller breasts are usually the perfect candidate for this procedure.
  • Doughnut Mastopexy- This procedure involves a much less skin removal than the standard lift procedure. The recovery time and scarring involved is also much less in comparison to the anchor incision standard breast lift procedure. Here in this procedure, the incisions are made around the nipple and the areola.
  • Lollipop Lift- The lollipop breast lift is an intermediate of standard breast lift and a Doughnut Mastopexy. The incisions are made around the nipple and also a portion running down the breast crease.The procedure usually follows a moderate lift. The scarring involved is much less in comparison to anchor incision.