Dental braces are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth. Braces are also used to correct overbite, underbite, malocclusion, open bite, deep bite and crossbite. 

Types of braces:

According to the materials used:

1. Metal braces or traditional braces: Metal braces are made up of stainless steel

2. Ceramic braces: Ceramic braces are made of a tooth-coloured material

According to the surface:

1. Labial braces: Labial braces are fixed on the outer surface of teeth

2. Lingual braces: Lingual braces are fixed on inside surface of teeth

According to visibility:

1. Regular braces  

2. Invisible braces: These are clear aligners

According to slot engagement:

1. Normal  

2. Self-ligating

Q. What are the components of braces?

Braces have two components:

  1. Passive component: These include brackets which acts as a track to engage wires as well as to engage elastics and e-chains.
  2. Active components: These include wires, e-chains, elastics, springs. these components actually exert a force on the tooth to move them.

How do braces work? 

Braces work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in a specific direction. As teeth move bone changes shape as pressure is applied by continuous bone resorption and deposition. Braces wrap around each tooth to provide an anchor for the brackets.

Advantages of braces:

1. Ceramic braces:

  1. Less visible
  2. Non-allergic 

2. Invisible braces: clear aligners:

  1. Nearly invisible
  2. Allow you to eat or drink anything
  3. Easy to use
  4. Removable
  5. Oral can be maintained properly 

3. Lingual braces:

  1. Invisible from outside 
  2. Help to open bite in deep bite cases

4. Positive effects of braces:

  1. Improves psychosocial development
  2. Boosts confidence
  3. Delivers dream smile
  4. Improves speech
  5. Helps in maintaining proper functions such as chewing, breathing as well.
  6. Helps in orthognathic surgeries as well by pre-surgical orthodontic braces treatment and post-surgical orthodontic braces treatments.