When the first Pimple rears its ugly head; the panic on the woman's face is visible. It pushes her buttons, and she starts buying one jar after another; generally full of empty promises (creams); only to feel disappointment. Every day I have hordes of girls coming to me with Acne. They have lost the battle with the skin care game. All these women come with a dream of having a fresh and dewy skin. And some of you may have given up because you blame it on the Genes.

My simple advice to all such women is to not invest or waste their money on buying creams and cosmetics but simply invest time in caring about their skins. Simply put, if you don't have a Daily Skin Care regime then there is little a physician can do to address your issue.

While every treatment aims at going beyond the basics, I suggest basics only; because 80% of the treatment can be achieved through basics.

Last 40 years in Medicine saw the dominance of harsh chemicals, Steroids, and pills for treating Acne. It is after a long break of more than 40 years that lifestyle and diet are being recognized as the mainstay approach to treatment.

Tips to help each body cell absorb beauty 

Tip 1

Deep Sleep: Deep sleep of 7-8 hours is essential for helping our bodies recover from the daily stress. If you are not sleeping your skin cells will stay inflamed and look dry and lifeless. Deep sleep helps restore your hormonal balance too.

Tip 2 

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is both produced by Skin and consumed by the skin. So, don't avoid this sunshine Vitamin. You need 30-45 minutes of Sunshine. Deficiency is bad for skin. Vitamin D will also help you reduce weight.

Tip 3 

Don't Over-clean: Washing your face with strong chemicals numerous times a day is not a great idea. It is counterproductive. Washing 2-3 Times a day to get rid of dead cells is fine. Over-cleaning will rob the skin of its moisture and further dry it up.

Tip 4 

Eustress: Distress is bad and Eustress is good. Sometimes stress helps perform life functions better but distress can create acute conditions; weight gain being the worst. And then starts the vicious circle of hormonal imbalance. Maintain a stress journal for least 2 weeks and write down the Distress in your life. Distress will result in changes in your body and your skin will have all the telltale signs. It's all about mind-body-spirit connection. Incidentally, Homoeopathy looks at all conditions as a combination of Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

Tip 5 

Exercise: Please be kind to your body in which you live. 150 minutes a week of exercise will give plenty oxygen to each cell of your body. Your skin will thank you every day.

Tip 6 

Drink Water: You don't need detailed science knowledge to drink 4 liters of water every day. One of the key lessons I learnt during my 19-year long practice was that the skins are kept thirsty! And a thirsty skin becomes sick. Don't eat toxic medications to treat dehydrated skin. And Beverages are not water.

Also, we need to be a realist when it comes to the concept of beauty and how we think of beauty. It has little to do with having the skin of a film star and everything to do with feeling beautiful from inside. To have a beautiful skin, live beautifully by integrating your mind, body, and soul. All the best!