Acne is an inflammatory condition of skin due to blockage of oil-secreting glands upon the skin. It can be superadded with an infection which leads to pus formation and in the end to scar formation. Although teens are more prone to pimples, it can be seen in any age group undergoing turmoil in their hormones. As everyone is aware that it can be due to pollution, lack of sleep, eating too much of Junk food and so on. Yet few people without much contribution from their side may have Acne. It can be severe at times and may not get clear with all the creams or medicines they receive. Acne is not just skin issue.

  1. Applying any amount of costly creams is of little use.
  2. Sometimes this strong chemical based creams or still worse steroidal preparations may suppress acne and lead to menstrual irregularities, weight gain, dullness or memory issues.
  3. So beware, if your treatment gets costlier or vigorous more likely that you are landing in an overall health problem.  
  4. It’s a common knowledge that chicken pox in teens is a bit of worrisome and it usually leaves behind scars or some sort of skin issues. After treatment for the same skin becomes normal. 
  5. It’s true that due to Acne, young adults become low self-esteemed; it’s a constant burden on their mind that they are ugly. It is fueled by Ad makers who promise quick-fix solutions.
  6. Little known Psychodynamics is Teens may feel ill-fit in new groups or new college which may cause Pimples. It is a Stress->Acne->stress; vicious cycle. To break the cycle conscious efforts should be taken to build upon their strengths if no other health issues are present. That way Homoeopathy can help in rectifying health problems, help them to prevent recurrent pimples and to improve self-confidence as well. Apart from clean hands and washing face to remove accumulated dust or soon after getting up in morning with plain water yes I repeat plain water or mild nondrying soaps can help, not touching or handling the pimple is very Important. Surprisingly applying coconut or Til oil to face with gentle massaging and removing the oil with towel soaked in hot water gently is a very effective way to get rid of excess oil and hydrating the skin.
    Calendula Q one to two drops in one litre of water and rinse the face before going to bed and pat dry it helps to clear off the scars and black marks. If you have dandruff without any other complaints associated then Kali Mur 6x or Kali Sulph 6x may help to reduce dandruff and pimples as well. Yet visit Homoeopath. First is more appropriate. The same can be tried with Berberis aquifolium Q, Echinacea Q also sulph6x may help to reduce dandruff and pimples as well. Yet visiting a Homoeopath first is more appropriate.