A burning sensation on the chest, a bitter/metallic taste within the mouth, a gassy bloating sensation - acid reflux  (एसिडिटी in Hindi), is unquestionably not a nice feeling.

Knowing your chances and the risk factors/triggers of acidity can spell the difference between sweet relief and sour misery. 

Dr P Kar, a senior gastroenterologist and hepatologist, talks about acidity and the way it is managed effectively.

In this video, he answers the subsequent questions in Hindi:

1) What is acid reflux/acidity?

2) Can acidity be a symptom of a stomach ulcer?

3) Who is in danger of developing acid reflux or GERD?

4) What are the treatment options available to treat acidity?

5) What is the role of medicines in treating acidity and indigestion?

6) Does a hernia cause persistent acidity?

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