Entice Children with A Homemade Healthy Pizza:

Chic bell bottoms, headbands and flower power — all these remind us of the late 1960s. This was also the period where the word ‘obesity’ came into prevalence. But today India is just behind US and China in the top countries with the highest number of obese people. Estimates prove that obesity among adolescents (13-18years) in India has increased from 16% to 29% over the last five years.

There is no single ready made solution available for ending this obesity epidemic. Rather, if we focus on small, healthful changes to foods that teens overeat (junk food) or under eat (fruits and veggies) we are sure to see positive outcomes in reducing obesity levels. 

While teens love to show off their latest iPhone apps and electronic gadgets their attitude towards health and lifestyle would change dramatically with these simple, succulent and stylish ways to give their favourite foods a modern makeover.

When Dining Out:       

  •  Accessorize that pizza! 

Choose a thin-crust pizza slice. Opt for a side salad along with it. Either top the pizza with the salad contents or break the pizza into small crumbs and toss it into the salad like croutons. You can sprinkle few herbs on top of it or lightly dress with vinaigrette. Click on the link www.firsteatright.com to make your own healthy pizza at home with easy-to-get ingredients.        

  • Go extreme on that burrito!

Stuff the tortilla with extravagant helpings of lettuce, fajita-style veggies and salsa. You can even replace sour cream with three or more salsas if you love it.        

  • Opt for a burger minus the patty!

Request fora burger with cheese instead of the burger patty occasionally. Try to fill it with every possible veggie along with ketchup and mustard. It’s worth the try!

When Dining at Home:  

  • Cook up new-style noodles.

Sauté vertical strands of zucchini or carrot in a little oil.  Zucchini can be dressed with marinara and basil while tossing the carrots lightly with satay sauce and cilantro.        

  • Give nachos a Grecian twist.

Top whole grain pita chips or cucumber coins with hummus and chopped tomato. Or bake thin triangular wedges of potato, and top with Greek yoghurt and scallion.   

  • Go artsy with mac 'n' cheese.      

Take half a portion of mac ‘n’ cheeseburger. Fill it with your favourite veggies like broccoli or steamed spinach.