How interesting would it be if we twist and turn around some usual, everyday phrases to make it a little more interesting?


How about, “brushing a day keeps the dentist away!” or “When life gives you bad teeth, make a visit to the dentist”


“A tooth saved is a tooth earned” or “A tooth in need is a tooth indeed!”

The last two make the most amount of sense. Or even better, we can blend both and frame it this way, which would be “A tooth saved is a tooth earned, which when in need, is a tooth indeed”!!

If we weren’t dentists, it would be so difficult for us to keep record of our oral hygiene. Aren’t there bigger, more serious issues in this world? Bills to pay, taxes to return, car maintenance & servicing, kids’ education, business and jobs, bus timings, daily walks, work timings, traffic worries, hospital checkups, house maid absentees, insurance policies, credit card accounts, bank accounts, pass books, gym timings, politics, grocery shopping.... and the list goes on & on!

Hey, wait a minute. Did we mention daily walks, hospital checkups & gym?! Yes we did, because taking care of our body & health is important. We don’t want any heart attacks, or high cholesterol or spikes in blood pressure or diabetes.


So then, why didn’t we mention teeth & dental check-up & daily brushing (twice)?!

It is time we take our teeth & gums seriously. Because (here is the most alarming part of this article):


Any delay in dental treatment or irregular (or even worse no) dental checkups can lead to a sudden tooth pain someday which will disturb you at night.... bad sleep... unable to work the next day... work at office/ business affected... detour to visit the dentist immediately.... multiple appointment treatments... and list goes on & on. Result? Your productivity, energy and life all gets affected!


Just a routine dental check up twice in a year wi


ll ensure no serious dental problems throughout your life.


In this little article of ours, we want you, our patients to take your oral hygiene seriously. The simple fact that you are reading this piece of paper proves that you do take care of your teeth & gums.


At iSmyle Dental Centre, Dr. Saif & Dr. Sanah Sayed take every effort to educate their patients about oral hygiene maintenance through consultations, videos & demonstrations.


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