These are unprecedented times, we have to deal with the challenges we had never imagined. With millions of people the world over entering isolation to fight against the spread of COVID-19, the need for positivity becomes even more critical.  There’s a lot we don’t know about the virus. When will we have a cure, what it might do to the economy, how would our jobs be affected. Thinking about all these “don’t knows” will only make us counterproductive. The need of the hour is to accept things we cannot change and work on things we can: pushing ourselves to be a more positive and better version; someone who is equipped to face the mammoth of a battle that lies ahead of us.

Human beings are creatures of the mind. What they think reflects how they feel which directly impacts their ability to act. Worrying about it might not get us anywhere, would impede our thought processes, and inhibit our ability to make critical decisions. Instead, a more action-oriented approach to combat the virus might prove more effective.  Limiting news sources, maintaining a daily routine, focusing on a healthy balanced diet, Boosting your immunity, focusing on one positive aspect of your existence every day, and spending time with your loved ones are some ways one can focus on the bigger picture. You will find that once you’ve taken a more practical approach to the problem, the worries and fears will feel far less overwhelming.  Needless worrying doesn’t only take up a lot of mental bandwidth but also causes anxiety and a disturbance in our hormonal levels.  

Be grateful for the things that you have and focus on your present. Worrying never got us anywhere. There are always going to be instances, things that you cannot control, and it is okay! What matters is what you have now and how just by taking care of your health - both physical and mental - you can get through this.  It might help to remember that your life hasn’t stopped, it has just taken a different path than you had planned. It doesn’t mean that path is wrong, doesn’t mean the world will change. It does, however, mean that you would have to relentlessly work towards maintaining that sense of familiarity.  

One of the best things which count as positive during this period is the fact that you have the chance to make choices and control your life without wasting energy on undeserving people and things. Human beings have a unique ability to adapt and survive. Working from home, cooking with bare ingredients, or surviving a global emergency - if we decide to be positive and deal it with rationality, we can get through it and emerge on the other side, victorious.