Platelet rich plasma(PRP) therapy is a recent advancement in cosmetic dermatology However PRP, has been used in the past by orthopaedic surgeons to speed up soft tissue healing from injuries. The therapy involves injecting of blood plasma containing 5times the amount of platelets in circulating blood.

 Mechanism of PRP: Platelets are small cells found in the blood which are responsible for causing clotting of blood whenever there is an injury. The substances found in the platelets also help in the healing of tissues. These substances include growth factors such as PDGF, VGEF, and Cytokines. These growth factors help in the formation of tissue matrix(collagen) and new bloodvessels.  These factors can be utilised in a less invasive manner for a number of applications. It also gives a more natural approach.


1.   Hair loss, androgenetic alopecia - it is used by us with a very high success rate.

2.   Volume loss in the face, hands and neck -especially under the eyes and neck.

3.   Skin rejuvenation to improve texture and elasticity.

4.   To treat fine lines and wrinkles.

5.   Acne scars and post traumatic scars.

6.   Stretch marks.

How it is prepared:

 The patients own blood is taken similar to a blood test - about10ml of blood is taken. The blood is put into a kit with anticoagulant to prevent it from clotting. The kit is spun at high speeds in a centrifuge machine. The cells and fluids in the blood will separate into different layers.The portion where platelets are concentrated is harvested and used.

 How is it injected: 

We use a special injector called a mesotherapy gun which is capable of automatically injecting very small quantities of the PRP at a highrate, thus covering a large area. Is there pain: Pain felt is minimal because of the very high rate of injection.Pressure from the mesotherapy machine will mask the pain to some extent. We also use numbing cream to reduce pain. Most people tolerate well. How many times do I need to undergo: Typically for balding 3-6 sessions can be done with spacing of 1month. After that every 6months.

 How long before I see results

Results are subtle and variable. Typically it will take 2-3months to note the differences.  How long does one session take: 45minutes to 1hour. Most of the time is used in enriching the platelets than in the procedure itself.