We as mothers wish to give everything that is possible within our means to our children. The best care when they are young, the best education when they grow up and the best of everything that comes with it. So is there even the remotest possibility that we will make a compromise when it comes to our child's health? Most mothers would say "NO, never". 

But there are things beyond our control. However hard we try and however much it might sadden us, yet we cannot promise to give to our child this. A perfect life with no pain and no disease. 

Pain is inherent to all human existence as we know. Yet seeing your offspring in pain can be really traumatic for parents. 

I deal with such parents all the time. Parents whose children are suffering from all kinds of respiratory problems. They are willing to spend every last penny to see their child breathe normally. At such times, this breath that we inhale so absentmindedly all the time becomes a commodity of rare value.

After having spent so many years dealing with mothers who want this 'rare' commodity for their young ones, I know for sure that breath is the most precious gift you can give to your child if he/she is suffering from any respiratory ailment such as Bronchitis or Asthma. 

Asthma is treatable and very much so if treated at a very young age. Children's lungs are delicate so natural treatments that do not prescribe any harsh medicines are your best bet to treat your child's problem.

Don't wait for your child to draw the picture that this six year old drew to explain his condition to the world. 

Treat your child's respiratory problem today with a totally natural treatment like salt therapy without any side effects. This can be the best gift to your child this mother's day!