For all those with oily skin who think washing their faces multiple times a day is a must… Well, here is a basic tip for you…YOU DON’T NEED TO! I'd rather say... YOU SHOULDN'T.


Because, the more you wash your face the more you are sending those tiny oil producing glands (sebaceous glands) into overdrive. This means that the action of washing your face is actually signaling your oil  glands to secrete more oil (sebum).

Optimum washing is the key to an oil free skin. And washing your face  2 or maximum 3 times a day should suffice. Despite this if there is excessive oil production, what you could do is take a soft tissue paper or blotting paper and 'dab' (not wipe) the oil away. This will help in maintaining your skin texture and keep your face shine free. Plus, your sebaceous glands will also get a chance to slow down. 

Following the above will certainly give a little relief... but you will need salicylic acid or polyhydroxy acid face washes to help you get a better control of oil secretion. 

So, give it a try! And always remember... more isn't necessarily good!