“Nobody nurtures like Mother” is my experience with my mom and now with my kid’s mom. Mother gives their time, energy, health, sleep, habits and long list to go.They forget that one’s ever beautiful women need her time for own health and care. At a certain age most women gets indulge in their daily duties, that they don’t believe in regaining the past.  I bet if every mom starts attending themselves they will become SUPERMOM. In Elite Healers we have talked to lot of women working and house makers and these were the outcomes with definite solutions -

  1. Anxieties at bay Most common excuse for discontinuing exercise is time anxieties. Keep proper schedule and hold it tight to make it a part of routine. Other anxieties for family members, elders,relations and society are all counted in mothers account. To end this accept that everything works on their own.
  2. Reading helpsBooks especially of self-help will bring emotional stability. This will give a chance to bring a new shade to your personality. Not only self–help, you can try anything which you love to read or do. Mrs Mehra becomes friend to her daughter and Mrs Gupta to her introvert son. Chirag’s is learning French from his mom while Diksha is mastering cookery under her mom’s guidance.  
  3. Need of health- Most women don’t keep track of their own health. Small issues are totally forgotten and moderate issues are taken care with Home remedies. Thus Half yearly checkups, Hormones study and nourishment levels becomes the most important part of health calendar.
  4. Do delegationNot delegating the work causes a lot of stress and worries. This messes up with the time and ultimately the same bad routine is on the run. So delegate the work and keep patience for the outcome. Do not micro manage.
  5. Take a break- Yes! Always have a break quarterly or half yearly for minimum 2days. Holiday breaks are always refreshing. Do experiment with your looks, style or set new goals. Try to organize your schedule and health plans during this. You can remain home and take break. But be strict for it.
  6. Install hobby- Anything which you love to do for hour without being tired can be your hobby. Try to grow it and improve to level of your own satisfaction. This will keep mind refreshing and calm.
  7. Meditation- Mothers doing meditation don’t have to struggle.  It improves calmness, stability, focus and acceptance to make life easier. Only an hour of meditation is enough for a day. "Consistency is the key to Success".
  8. Sometimes online - It may feel absurd in the world of connectivity to remain limited from social connection. I would say keep away from fake friends. Everybody knows this and is fade up of the bulk messages yet nobody gets away from these apps. Keep limited to real ones and you will feel calm and secure.
  9. SMART setting - Everything above said is achievable with SMART goal. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely goal. Keep it in mind that "Rome was not build in a day."

This will make you super in Health, Mind and Knowledge – #SUPERMOM. Do ask your query through consult.

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