Sometimes it gets very hard to understand what you should include in your diet and what not. Here are 10 healthy eating habits to choose this year, so that it helps you look good, feel good and stay healthy. In this article I will try to bust some myths about food, diet and lifestyle changes. You may be already following some of these advises but it is important to know where you are and how to do it properly.

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1. Drink lots of water


Keeping you hydrated is very important, one should at least take 6-8 oz of water daily. The best thing about water is that it does not add extra calories to your diet as compared to soda, energy drinks and other artificial drinks which are loaded with calories. Drink water before and in between the meals, you must regularly drink water if you exercise a lot or exposed to the high temperatures. The best indicator of dehydration is the color of urine, if the color of your urine is dark yellow it suggests you are dehydrated and you need to drink more water.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits N Vegetables

People of every age group should take more fruits and vegetables in their diet. At least half of your plate should have fruits and vegetables. Try to consume fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also don’t rule out the option of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables.

3. Eat fish


One should eat about 8 ounce of sea food a week, whether it could be tuna, trout or salmon. Seafood like oysters, squids, mussels are rich in healthy omega 3. Instead of deep frying your fish try grilling, roasting or baking your fish. Act real smart by replacing the meat in your sandwich with fish or go for fish tacos, try to put fish to your salads which gives it the dimension.

4. Fiber

Studies have shown that eating about 30 g of fiber a day can avoid the occurrence of cancers, lowers cholesterol, helps in weight management and decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes .fiber is found in the foods like whole grain cereals, legumes ,grains ,nuts, fruits and vegetables. Switch from white bread to whole bread, snack on berries and eat an apple.

5. Salads


Some of you have heard the importance of salads in our diet whether you are dieting or just looking for better digestion. Eating salad before the meal helps you fill the stomach with minimum calories. Include carrots, strawberries, lettuce, cucumber and other fruits and vegetables in your salads. It is a good idea to add a source of protein in your salad like quinoa, nuts, seeds, lean meat and Tofu. Try to add homemade dressing on your salad like oil and vinegar dressing.

6. Cut down the Sugar

Sugar have a addictive quality so the more sugar your body is exposed to the more your body wants it, decreasing g the amount of sugar in the diet can actually increase your energy because it minimizes the highs and lows of blood sugar so instead of giving you a sugar rush, it will help to stabilize your energy. Sugar highs have been linked to road rage and sugar lows can cause hypoglycemia in people with Diabetes. To cut down on the sugar try to taper it down day by day. Avoid having sugar added drinks like sodas and canned juices. Add fruits instead of artificial sweeteners in the deserts.

7. Portion contro

let’s face it portion size does make a difference ,portions of a meal don’t necessary have to be a specific amount although it does make it easier on your metabolism if you eat a reduced portion instead  of your regular portion meal.

8. More home cooking

Eating at home instead of dining out helps you control your food and its ingredients. In case of eating out, always choose the healthier dishes, something like baked instead of deep fried. Each adult should know how to cook their meal.

9. Healthy Snacking

Snacking in between the meals helps you boost your metabolism. You should always choose healthy snacks like fruits, nuts and vegetables. Try to add some sort of protein in your snack and add natural dressings like Greek yogurt.