Rather than experimenting with all kinds of diet and causing your body more harm than good, a balanced diet is your best option. Therefore for best and long term results choose a weight loss diet program that understands your lifestyle and caters to it.

Best foods to become skinny

You don’t have to splurge tons of money in order to buy some very exotic variety of food or skip food all together in order to lose weight. All you need is healthy and nutritious food. Here is a list:

  • Red beans: A good source of protein which keeps you full and keeps you away from binging on unhealthy fat. Your go to food for slimming down.

  • Almonds: Powerhouse of nutrition. They provide a good variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the diet. Low in calories and high on fiber - perfect weight loss snack.

  • Yogurt: The calcium in yogurt makes your bone stronger. The mineral in yogurt helps to curb production of the stress hormone cortisol, responsible for accumulation of abdominal fat.

  • Green tea: Unsweetened brewed green tea is a zero calorie beverage. It contains much less caffeine as compared to milk tea/coffee. It is also known to have different health benefits which are helpful in avoiding stress, chronic fatigue etc.Know why green tea is harmful if taken in excess?

  • Brown Rice: A fiber packed alternative to white rice. It is a low energy density food, meaning it’s heavy and filling but low in calories

  • Apples: A complete snack. A soluble fiber that helps you to feel full and satisfied

  • Lemon Water: This high source of vitamin C, helps in better absorption of calcium and increases the fat burn process. Have one glass of warm water with lemon and honey as the first thing in the morning for best results. Read about benefits of lemon.

  • Vinegar: Vinegar reduces body fat deposit (including visceral fat), lowers blood pressure and reduces blood sugar spikes from consuming high glycemic index foods. Since it is not very easy to consume vinegar, here are some ways in which you can do it:

    • Use it as salad dressing

    • Dip your multi-grain bread in it

    • Add a tsp of white vinegar in your soup

    • Marinate the meat in vinegar

    • Have 2 tsp before meal (try Apple Cider for better flavour).

  • Lots of Veggies: The healthiest sources of nutrition, vegetables are great for weight loss. Low calories, high fiber, low glycemic index - everything that you could ask for! The benefits of eating vegetables are numerous, especially if you are aiming at becoming skinny - the healthy way!

Some healthy Indian diet options

  • Sprout chat: Easy to make and can be used in multiple ways.It could be consumed as a protein rich snack.

  • Dhokla: A healthy and nutritious snack. A good combination of carbohydrate and protein.

  • Khichdi: It contains protein from dal, carbohydrates from rice and is easy to digest and light for the stomach.

  • Besan ka cheela: Made of gram flour, is a instant, nutritious, low calorie, protein rich recipe ideal for breakfast and snack time.

  • Chola/chickpea chaat: A complete meal by itself, as a bowl only has 280 calories, is filling and packed with nutrition!

A balanced diet, to get skinny fast, is when your daily dietary intake is based on your individual body type and its requirement. Get more information on simple tips for balanced diet. It doesn't tell you to starve or eat just a specific food. It focuses on complete daily nutrition. In order to lose weight, it is important that you keep a holistic approach with your food.

Eat healthy, Live healthy.