Best Late Night Snacks

With our changing routine, we all are victims to those late night cravings which don’t let us sleep. The cravings are so strong that we either end up ordering pizza or munching that junk food we have stored up.

Low Calories Snacks for Weight Loss

Try these easy and healthy late night snacks. It may take a bit more time than your ordered pizza but trust me you won’t regret the wait. As they don’t leave you so full that you keep changing sides the whole night instead leave you healthy.

Late Night Snacks


Yes, everyone's favorite popcorn. Try switching to plain popcorn instead of those fattening chips. Cook the plain popcorn which takes less than 5 minutes add some spices and salt to taste. You can also use low-calorie cheese to curb that creamy craving.

Sliced Bananas

Every other day we crave for ice cream our favorite dessert. Holding your horses there once a while is ok, but it can be on regular basis. Keep some sliced bananas in the freezer when you crave for ice cream take the whipped slices add few nuts to it and enjoy a healthy dessert.


Instead of a cheese grilled sandwich try making a sandwich out of whole wheat bread and stuff it with your favorite veggies and a low-fat cheese. This will let you sleep guilt free.

Strawberry Shake

A glass of water into the mixer with 2 tablespoons of yogurt and two to three strawberries makes a perfect protein shake. Healthy in nature also curbs down your late night hunger leaving you light but full.

Yogurt and Fruits 

Fruits with some low-fat yogurt will keep you full and help losing weight. For an antioxidant boost, use fresh fruits. A slice of papaya and this yogurt tastes great.

Dried Figs

You can call them natural candies as they taste just like candies. If you have a sweet tooth it’s the best solution for your late night craving. To make it more exciting you can sprinkle some dried figs with light low-fat cheese and dig in.

Dark Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover and can’t stop yourself from consuming it late night.  Switch to dark chocolate instead which is 70% cocoa and has less sugar than the regular chocolates. Rich in antioxidant it’s a bonus for you so go on enjoy your chocolate, but remember an excess of everything is bad.


Pretzels especially multi-grain are tasty and really healthy too. These are the best alternative to the chips you end up munching due to late night craving. If consumed with yogurt it boosts up your metabolism.

Smoothie cubes

Another alternate for ice- cream lovers. Prepare your favorite smoothies with milk or with yogurt and pour them into ice trays. You can also pour some strawberry or banana shake as they are healthy too. Now you are prepared for that enemy of yours…. yes the late night craving!

With all these late night food you can sleep peacefully without being guilty of having compromised on your health. Go ahead eat up!!!!!!