Dieting doesn’t mean that you cut carbohydrates and fats from your diet and opt for tasteless, boring foods. Our body requires all essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc. for its healthy functioning.

A low-fat diet is the key to losing weight, managing cholesterol, and preventing health problems. But more than just the amount of fat, it’s the type of fat you eat that really matters. Bad fats like trans-fats, saturated fats, etc. increase cholesterol and your risk of certain diseases, while good fats protect your heart and support overall health. In fact, good fats-such as omega-3 fats-are essential to physical and emotional health. So, when choosing fats, pick unsaturated fat over saturated or trans-fat.

Enjoy your favorite foods by employing the following tweaks and tips:

1] Pizzas: Next time when you order a pizza, opt for double tomato sauce, corn, garlic, capsicum, mushroom, onion flavor with less cheese or mozzarella, as they are all rich in vitamins and minerals and also help combat many diseases. For e.g., tomatoes have lycopene which help decrease the risk of prostate cancer in males.

2] Streak Fries: If you love French fries, next time try streak fries as they absorb less oil than French fries. It helps to lower some bad fat count.

3] Stir- fry: When you opt for fried-chicken or vegetables, choose a garlic or orange juice/sauce over butter or cheese. It will make it healthier.

4] Soften your spread: Before applying butter or margarine as a spread on your bread or chapatti, soften it in the microwave at room temperature, so that the quantity gets lowered while spreading.

5] Oil your potato: Apply olive oil rather than butter or sour cream on baked potatoes. It will help save calories and fat.

6] Dilute your Fruit juice: When buying a fruit juice bottle, add some water to dilute the juice and store it. It helps cut calories and the difference is barely noticeable.

7] Cool your cans: It’s better to refrigerate canned foods, as the fat rises to the top and it becomes easier to scrape it off.

8] Use cooking sprays: Use cooking sprays to prevent your low-fat cheese from turning to rubber while cooking. This will help add just enough fat to make the cheese stay gooey and creamy as it slowly melts.

So, next time when you order or prepare some meals, do watch the type of fat you are eating. Try switching to healthier options.