Vinegar reduces body fat deposit (including visceral fat), lower blood pressure and reduces blood sugar spikes from consuming high glycemic index foods .. its not easy to add vinegar to your diet. So,here are a list of ways to add vinegar to your diet and get all its weight loss

 Here are 8 ways to add Vinegar to your diet:

- Make it your salad dressing: equal parts red wine vinegar and olive oil with a dash of pepper. Use this dressing on your salad, to make a super meal- high in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants. Add some protein with lean meat to make it complete. Olive oil contains healthy fats that benefit your heart.
- Sushi is by far the most popular Japanese food, rice and vinegar is used in making sushi. See this weight loss Japanese drink.
- Have your multi-grain bread dipped in a equal parts vinegar and olive oil. Add a dash of salt and pepper to taste.
- Add a teaspoon of white vinegar to your soup like sweet corn soup and hot and sour soup
- If you eat meat, then marinate your meats in vinegar. It really tenderizes the meat and gives you the weight loss benefit.
- If nothing else, having two teaspoons of vinegar before your meals can give you vinegar weight loss benefits. Its got a really strong flavour, so for something more palatable, you can try Apple Cider Vinegar
- There are many condiments that contain vinegar: ketchup, mustard, chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, etc
- Besides this there are plenty of vinegar food recipes. So use them :)