Dental implants failure? Why they happen & how one can prevent it? 

Dental implants are one of the most recommended dental treatments which are in high demand in the recent times. Like every other dental treatment, dental implant treatment is also prone to failures, to an average 5% possibility.  Dental implants failure primarily occur in patients when they do not follow the instructions of the dentists which specify proper care of the respective dental implants and many other reasons. 

Dental implants failure occurs because of the following reasons:

  • Mobility: Most of the dental implants have proper retention inside the bone in the respective area. In cases when the surrounding bone has resorbed to a great extent then there are chances that the dental implants get mobile which leads to loss of the implant within months of the completion of the dental implants procedure.
  • Severe loss of surrounding bone: In most of the patients who undergo dental implant treatment after a certain period of time after the teeth have been lost, the alveolar bone resorbs to an appreciable extent. In thin bone, dental implants cannot sustain the masticatory forces and therefore need to handle the forces with care. This leads to the further pressure on the surrounding bone.
  • Peri-implantitis: Peri-implantitis means inflammation which occurs around the teeth. This has a negative impact on the health of the tissues as well as a poor effect on the bone surrounding the teeth.This is mainly due to poor oral hygiene. 
  • Infection: Infection may occur because of the contaminated dental implant or the bone graft material which can lead to the major failure of the dental implants in patients. Also, the bacteria which enters between the dental implants and the tissues can lead to the spread of the infection and failure of the dental implants.
  • Poor quality of the dental implant: Many of the patients look for a cheaper dental implant which makes them land at a clinic providing cheap implants with improper training . The cheap implants have a low quality which does not function well and leads to failure of the dental implants very soon after the treatment completion.
  • Health disorders: Advanced Diabetes patients and patients with blood disorders usually have a low success rate of the dental implants.

Here are the measures which can be chosen in order to prevent the dental implants failures in most of the cases.

  • Bone grafting: In the case when the jaw bone is weak or the alveolar bone required for the supporting of the dental implants is weak then bone grafting plays an important role to build a strong base for the dental implants. Therefore, patients can consult their dentists for this procedure before the commencement of the dental implant procedure.
  • Maintenance of oral hygiene: Proper oral hygiene with help of water flosser will help to a great extent in the maintenance of the dental implants.
  • Choose healthy lifestyle: Patients should avoid smoking in order to maintain the health of the bone and tissues around the dental implants. Diabetes patients should take better care in order to make the treatment successful.
  • Improve implant quality: Always make sure that you invest in the good quality dental implant which is placed by a specialist in a proper way in order to ensure that the dental implants last for long.