1. Does the color blend in with the rest of the teeth?

The objective is to make the crown look as natural as possible.

2. Is it too long or too short?

Ideally,the biting edges of your upper teeth should just touch the bottom lip when you say "forty five." Remember,if you want a younger smile line,the two central incisors should be slightly longer than          the two lateral incisors.

3. Does the gum tissue look healthy?

It should outline each tooth in a half-moon shape.Red,puffy,or bleeding gums are unhealthy. Healthy gums have the texture of an orange peel.

4. Is the dental midline aligned with the facial midline?

Ideally,an imaginary vertical line drawn between the two upper central incisors should be in line with the middle of the face.If not perfectly in line,it atleast should be parallel to the facial midline.

5. Does the shape of the crown duplicate the form of the natural tooth?

Bring an old photograph of yourself if you have one to help the dentist create the best form for you.Your tooth shouldn't be too bulky,and it shouldn't look like the gum is pushing it out of the mouth.It should slide right under and fit flush with the gum line.

6. Do the surface characteristic of the crown match those of the adjacent teeth?

If your adjacent teeth have ridges or other irregularities on their front surfaces,your crown should also include these surface details so the light will reflect off the crown the same way as it does off the natural teeth.

7. Could the adjacent teeth be improved with cosmetic contouring or a new filling?

Many times your results can be greatly enhanced by simply improving the shape of your adjacent and/or opposing teeth.

8. Does the tooth placement look natural?

Sometimes the addition of a little porcelain or a slight reshaping can make a tooth look a bit irregular and more natural.

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