We all are aware that skin makes the largest body organ and is also one of the most important body organs. It is the first barrier that protects our body from environmental damages. So, it is more important to think before you apply anything on your skin. Recent studies have proven that whatever we apply on our skin about 60% of it gets absorbed into the body and can affect our body positively and negatively both. Certain ingredients that are found in our skincare products can be dangerous for skin and can be a cause of some serious healthcare issues including allergies, eczema, hormonal issues, and cancer as well. 

These ingredients can be readily found in our basic skincare products like face wash, moisturisers and sunscreen, and even our makeup products.

Here is a list of hazardous 8 ingredients that need to be avoided before picking up the product:

1) Fragrance: If there's a fragrance listed on the label, it is a sign of warning. Fragrance does not indicate the exact chemical name that has been added to the product. Some of these chemicals can make way to conditions like allergies, and asthma. Certain baby products are also labeled as fragrance or perfume. These should be avoided especially in case of babies as their sensitive skin can get easily affected.

2) Parabens: This is a preservative chemical that is readily found in shampoos. This mimics estrogen which can disrupt the hormonal balance if absorbed into the body in excess quantity. This is often linked to low sperm count and breast cancer. One can look for paraben-free products by checking the labels before buying the products. So, we must avoid products that contain either paraben or methylparaben.

3) Triclosan: This is a very common ingredient found in antibacterial and anti-fungal soaps, body washes, toothpastes, and deodorants. Researches have claimed that body washes containing triclosan do not have any added benefit over the plain ones. These are known for liver toxicity and hormonal imbalances. It is advised to opt for triclosan-free products.

4) Formaldehyde: this is a very common disinfectant that is also used as a preservative in many beauty products like nail polish, shaving creams, eyelash adhesive, deodorants, shampoos, etc. This product is the topmost on the list of EU banned products due to the health risks they hold. Excessive exposure to this is known to be a common reason for eye irritation, breathing problems and even cancer. Hair straightening techniques done in parlour use formaldehyde during the process. Whereas some do not directly dump formaldehyde on the hair and instead use a combination of chemicals that mix and react together to decompose and release formaldehyde which is even worse. This ingredient is labeled as a skin sensitizer, carcinogenic and allergen. Be thorough while reading the label and check whether the product contains any of these: DMDMhydantion, Methenamine, Diazolidinyl yrea, Bronopol, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, etc.

5) Sodium Laureth Sulfate: Cream-based cosmetics like concealers, foundations contain this ingredient, as this is very helpful in absorbing products into skin and hair. Along with being helpful in absorbing products this also absorbs contaminants like ethylene oxide which can cause skin irritation, acne or eye damages. To avoid this lookout for ingredients like sulfates or polyethylene glycol.

6) Phthalates: This is a very common ingredient in makeup products that are color cosmetics and is the reason for health issues like hormonal imbalance, reproductive toxicity, thus it is advisable to stop using this ingredient. Check the labels before buying and discard the ones that contain DEP, DEHP, fragrance, Phthalate, DBP, etc.

7) Oxybenzone: This ingredient is a known problem causing agents leading to fertility problems or obesity issues. It is very commonly found in cosmetics and skin care products especially sunscreen. Avoid sunscreens that contain oxybenzone, there are multiple options in mineral-based and physical sunscreens.

8) Lead: This is a coloring dye used vastly in lipsticks and eye kohl. Research has proved that an overdose of this ingredient is linked to blood disorders, nervous system disorders. Frequent and prolonged use of this ingredient can lead to severe damages and hence, it is advisable to opt for lead-free cosmetics and also avoid retouching lipstick or kohl multiple times in a day.What we apply on skin is really important to take note of. This vital organ is saving a lot of internal organs by acting as a strong barrier. So, next time while shopping for skincare and makeup products study the ingredients of the products first. Opt for safe options.Keep Healthy! Keep Glowing!