There are eight common myths people have in their mind regarding toothbrushing

1. If I brush hard the teeth will be clean

Sorry but more the force you exert on the teeth and chew the brush, it is going to not massage your teeth but abrade them, so instead of removing the food deposits you are going to just roll over your brush without achieving anything.

2. If I brush for more time the teeth will be clean

So do you mean you will never complete your teeth brushing! unless you are trying to set record don't please over exert yourself .Look time and tide waits for none. Definitely more you spend time in oral hygiene, the more you will achieve hygiene.However overtiring your cheek muscles will in fact de energized you.

3. I brush teeth once a day that's enough

Some people brush once a day but with foolproof. Some people brush twice but in wrong it is not the number of times you brush the teeth in a day that will keep oral hygiene but well said brushing early morning and before retiring to sleep in necessary.

4. I brush my teeth so it should not invite decay

Look by brushing ,you are increasing salivary enzyme secretion so that will inface help in prevention of proliferating microbes. However food accumulation in the cavities cannot be totally removed by brushing. It needs oral and dental treatment.

5. I use soft bristles toothbrush

You can use any tooth bristles. They may be nylon multi tufted, tufted, silk. However, they should not be abraded. 

6. I don't use toothpaste ,simply use toothbrush

Using dentifrice like toothpaste spreads anticaries properties throughout the teeth surface with the aid of toothbrush. Simply using toothbrush wont achieve that.

7. Toothbrushing weakens the teeth

If tooth brushing was weakening the tooth, then wont hard substance like datun, sugarcane or bamboo stick crush the tooth? Tooth brush is designed for safe delivery and operation in kids and adults ,so accidental injury is negligible!

8. Toothbrush should be changed weekly 

Keep using toothbrush till its bristles worn out. Replace only when its of no use .then whichever toothbrush you use!!