1. Be one with nature. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables but no juices except the homemade or covered fruits like coconut water.

2. Do not visit beauty parlours except for basics. Never let the novice at parlour experiment on your skin by promising you the moon like a fair complexion/wrinkle-free skin. If facials are with well known creams and lotions and if facials give a feeling of Relaxation, do try. But never let the parlour girls/boys use local products. Baby lotions are safe for babies and safe for us too.

3. Try to maintain a natural Look by using minimum cosmetics, just basic thin moisturizer lotion and foundation to give an even look.

4. Do use an astringent/spirit/deo spray/spray perfume as first and as the last layer to prevent effects of pollution and outside germs on the skin.

5. Some recipes from the book of grandma who never went to parlours, look graceful, healthy with minimum wrinkles. 

  • Multani Mitti (fuller's earth) cheap and easily available everywhere. Make a paste and apply on face an hour before bath. 
  • Malai + atta rubbed over face and let it stay till it dries up, remove with a bit of force and wash with ordinary soap. 
  • Remember that the creamy soaps are not for us in India because these cannot clean with perfection. Use soaps with enough foam to cleanse the face thoroughly. 
  • Honey is moisturizing and antiseptic. Lemon juice is Bleach. Combine the two in equal amounts and apply on face and hands. Let it stay for an hour and wash with soap as suggested earlier.
  • If you add baking soda to this mixture, it works like a scrub and removes deep unseen dusty particles.
  • One can use glycerine in place of honey and granulated sugar in place of baking soda.

6. Eat healthy, eat natural and say no to packed foods because preservatives and salt in these comfort foods are not skin friendly. Exercise regularly, if pollution levels are high, stay indoors as pollution is bad for the skin as much as it is bad for our lungs and heart.

7. Stay Happy, remain positive. Smile curve is directed upwards. Contrast it to a frown which is curved downwards. It costs nothing to appreciate others with better clothes or better lifestyles.

8. Lastly, do not compete with daughters/daughter in laws. 

The journey of life is one way with no U-Turns.