Burning 100 calories doesn’t require hours of exercise or complicated equipment. And here are some time-saving tricks to do so in 20-30 minutes.Pick a favorite activity and see how quickly you burn those calories. 

1. HOUSEHOLD WORKYou can burn hundreds of calories while doing your household chores.Everyday household chores like mopping the floor; cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning, and dusting can help you burn those calories easily. They will be most effective if you do them with moderate intensity rather than with a relaxed intensity. Some of these activities are mentioned below:• Mopping- 20 minutes burns 100 calories• Cooking- 35 minutes burns 100 calories• Doing dishes- 30 minutes burns 100 calories 

2. Use StairsWe frequently come across the statement ”USE STAIRS TO STAY FIT”, but rarely follow it. Climbing stairs is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. Continuously walking up and down the stairs with a moderate intensity can help you burn 100 calories in 20 minutes. You can burn a lot more if you increase your climbing intensity. Try to avoid using escalators and lifts wherenver possible and use stairs instead. 

3. CyclingCycling is another easy exercise which helps you burn 100 calories in 20 minutes. Cycling involves your lower body muscles and helps in toning of your legs and thighs. It also helps you to recover from any back pain. Cycling could be a better option that walking. 

4. Bowling and SwimmingBowling is a leisure activity that can help you to keep fit and have fun. It helps burn calories depending on how much you weigh. In 20-25 minutes you can burn 100 calories. And even 15 minutes of swimming is a fun and good way to burn 100 calories. High Intensity swimming is probably among the best full body exercises, as it engages multiple muscles in your body. 

5. YogaYoga provides holistic benefits. It benefits the body and mind. It relaxes your muscles and calms your nerves. High Intensity Yoga can be counted among the best fat burning exercises. Approximately 20 minutes of yoga everyday can help you burn 100 calories. 

6. DanceDancing is something in which your whole body is involved. So if you love Dancing then it can turn out to be an effective way to shed calories. This may not be the biggest calorie-burner, but it’s still an excellent and fun metabolism booster. 20 minutes of moderate pace dancing can burn 100 calories. 

7. Washing the carAfter washing and drying your car, you may want to put on some wax or car polish. Waxing requires more physical effort than general washing, and will help burn more calories. You can burn 325 calories per hour by waxing your car. These are some fun and easy ways to shed kilos, without sweating it out in the gym. So, get up and get going!