Frequent episodes of cold/cough, recurrent mild fever or usually feeling tired are a few signs of having a poor immune system. All in all, immune system is that protects your body from infections and toxins. Let’s be real, we’re surrounded by infectious microorganisms and building our immunity should be on our priority list!

We’ve put together a few easy habits that you can include in your daily life to boost your immune system!


Yoghurt is a fermented milk product has live culture and is rich in lactic acid a bacterium which fights off detrimental pathogens. It can be consumed in the form of smoothie bowl, topped with favourite fruits, plain Greek yoghurt and buttermilk. A thumb-rule of having a glass of the Indian beer (buttermilk) every day can ward off illnesses.

Raise the rays!

Staying in a hot country like India, the sun rays are always shining brightly on us. A daily exposure to sunlight for 10-15 minutes is helpful as the bright yellow rays have immune boosting properties and also promotes the synthesis of Vitamin D in the body.

Get Moving!

Exercising 5 times a week at moderate intensity has shown to protect people against diseases.It helps in reducing stress hormones like epinephrine, norepinephrine. Hence reducing oxidative stress in the body. Also, blood flow in blood vessels increases by which it, nourishes each and every cell of the body.

Food Food!

Don’t be a miser in putting plenty of veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts in your system. They are rich in all those micronutrients, antioxidants, fibre you need to boost the system. Include a variety of immunity-enriching foods like garlic, broccoli, sunflower seeds, spinach, ginger, citrus fruits and bell peppers.

Eliminate substance abuse!

Do a favour on your body by reducing or removing poor habits such as chewing tobacco, smoking or alcohol as they have been known to impair the immunity and put you on vulnerable site for lung infections

Sleep like a baby!

It’s a known fact that we love our beds more than the office desks but ironically we’re spending lesser time actually sleeping. Getting a sound sleep of 8 hours is a MUST as sleep deprivation can lead to released Cortisol and increased levels of the same can lead to decreased immunity.

Smile and you’ll go along mile!

Last but not the least- Be happy! As we all swear by the quote ‘laughter is the best medicine’ it actually is true in improving your immunity as it decreases the stress hormones and increases the white blood cells which fight infection.