7 Way To Boosting Your Proteins

Proteins have many important functions in every cell and system throughout the body. They are used to make cell structures, hormones, enzymes and components of the immune system. In general, people living with HIV need higher amounts of protein to maintain lean body mass and provide building blocks for the immune system.However, some medical conditions can be made worse by too much protein, so it is important to follow any directions your doctor gives you about your protein requirements.

Foods high in protein include meats, game, fish and shellfish, poultry,eggs, legumes (dried peas and beans), tofu, peanut and other nut butters, nuts and seeds, milk, cheese, yogurt and soy milk.Aim for at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram body weight per day (1 gram per 2 pounds of body weight).  

Boosting protein  Getting started:

  1.  Find out which foods are rich in protein (see Appendix A) and then makesure you have them on hand. Try to eat protein-rich foods at least 3 times a day.
  2.  Work protein-rich foods into every meal and snack. For example, a glass ofmilk or soy milk will add protein to a bedtime snack.
  3.  Powdered skim milk can be used to increase the protein content of foods and beverages.
  4.  Protein powders can be used to increase protein when you’re finding it hard to get enough from your regular foods. Whey protein may be better for people with HIV because of its antioxidant-stimulating properties. It is possible to get too much protein from powders because they can be very concentrated. Too much protein places a lot of stress on the liver and kidneys—the organs where protein is metabolized and excreted.
  5.  Lower-cost protein sources include peanut butter, tofu, legumes, canned fish,eggs and milk. Milk powder may seem expensive but it can go a long way and does not require refrigeration.
  6.  If you get paid once a month and you have a freezer, buying meat in bulk canbe more economical. Package the meat into single portions and then freeze.
  7. Protein is especially important for people with HIV.Main sources of protein:meats, fish and shellfish,poultry and eggs, legumes and soy products, nuts and seeds, milk and dairy products.

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