Remember that children will stammer at some stage of their speech development and this is usually temporary and does not require treatment. That is because they have so much to express but their motor development has not kept pace with this rapid increase in vocabulary - so at some stage it is natural to get stuck. It is normal and temporary. If stammering is persistent, specially at later ages, it needs to be treated - and then the sooner the better.

For Kids

TIP 1. Speak slowly and clearly. Do not rush

TIP 2.  Learn breathing exercises - remember the primary speech producing organ are the lungs - this breath of air is broken into segments by the Larynx (Voice box), and then articulated by the tongue, lips and throat. Learning to breath well is critical to clear speech. Take a clear, deep breath before you start to speak.

TIP 3. Practice in your mind what you want to say - be clear about what you want to speak.

TIP 4. Try simple tricks like avoiding some words you know are difficult for you, avoid looking at the other person, try to get a rhythm by tapping your foot etc.

TIP 5.Simple exercises like speaking out vowels loudly - A E I O U - in front of a mirror.

For Parents

TIP 6.  Be supportive and encouraging, maintain eye contact when child is talking and do not distract the child.

TIP 7. Do not try to complete what the child is saying by prompting. Let the child complete the sentence herself.

Stammering is easy to treat if we start the treatment early and if there is good support from the family and the school.

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