A lot of things like food, physical activity, hormonal changes impact oral health. We have compiled 7 things that may affect oral health. 

1. Lifestyle 

Because of the changing lifestyle of the individuals, oral health is getting affected severely. Smoking causes staining of teeth and also masks the underlying disease but does not prevent the spreading of it. It has an adverse effect on gums health. Heavy drinking and dieting also contribute to an unhealthy mouth. 

2. Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a condition where weakening of the bone increases the risk of the broken bone (Osteoporosis - Wikipedia). As per the national osteoporosis foundation (What Women Need to Know - National Osteoporosis Foundation) (women are more prone to osteoporosis post-menopause because of the loss of the hormone estrogen, which keeps the bone strong. Oral health may be affected adversely by this disbalance resulting in bone loss in the jaw. It may affect long term success of Dental Implants also that are inserted into the bone. 

3. Menopause

The level of the hormone estrogen is decreased during menopause. A reduction in the level of hormone estrogen affects saliva production, due to which sensitive gums, dry mouth, infections, ulcers, cavities can occur.  

4. Pregnancy 

Pregnant women are more likely to develop sore gums. Initially, plaque is built up which leads to calculus. The bacteria present in plaque also increase the risk of preterm delivery. 

5. Birth control pills 

A common side effect of birth control pills is inflamed gums(Birth control pill: Side effects, risks, alternatives, and the shot).  

6. Heart-related problems

Inflamed gums can lead to inflammation in the heart resulting in the hardening of arteries, which further reduces blood circulation and henceforth increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke.

7. Social taboo

In India, a lot of social taboo is still present. Like it is considered bad to oral health to brush during pregnancy. This taboo should be discouraged.