If you have made the following mistakes,then you need to think over again.

Food & Nutrition -  Two terms which are often misunderstood and misconstrued. While it has become easy to obtain information from sources like the internet, television, and newspapers, the information at times can be misleading and confusing. 

It is very important that we understand these two terms really well. In fact the kind of client queries I get day in and day out depict what information they have been acquiring since long. But we cannot entirely blame our clients for getting all those wrong notions up in their heads because after all how will they be able to understand the difference between generalized fancy diets and logical science based ones till they are educated about it.

But being a nutritionist I really hope that people stop undertaking the following practices as none of these would be beneficial in the long run.

1. Skipping meals

Skipping meals is not an option.
Skipping meals - Oh noways! This is my reaction each time a client says that I have skipped meals to lose weight. But why do we have to skip meals in the first place? People feel that skipping meals is a great idea if you have to lose weight. But it is obviously the opposite. When you skip a meal the body gets into the starvation mode and starts accumulating more fat cells in order to provide energy later on. Also when you skip a meal there are high chances that you might over eat in the very next meal leading to weight gain rather than dropping even a gm. Hence make it a point to rectify this habit before its too late.

2. Being a fad diet fan

Fad diets are a waste of time and energy!
Now this is very important. I completely understand that anyone can be lured into following fad diets as they promise to give you miraculous results that to in a very short span. But you must ask yourself a question before you take up any such diet. Is it going to be really beneficial in the long run? Well If I had to answer it then it would be a be a big no! These type of diets do more harm to your body than benefiting it in any which way. While you might be able to lose weight quickly there is a necessity to weigh the possible consequences of following such diets. They are detrimental to your overall health and might just make you too weak. So the fear of gaining back the lost weight is always high with such kind of diets.

3. Saying no to fruits

Saying no to fruits is a bad idea.
No, I might gain weight as fruits are high in sugar! Yes many of us are still struggling to find an answer to this. Let’s get this simple and straight. Fruits are loaded with antioxidants and have a natural source of sugar-fructose in them. Not just that fruits are a storehouse of fiber which is very essential for weight loss. Hence, consuming fruits is obviously not going to make you fat, it will in turn help you in losing weight quickly.

4. Avoiding gluten

Do not go off Gluten!
Avoiding gluten is for sure not a great idea. Gluten free products are loaded with sugar, preservatives and various ingredients which are 'not so good' for you and your health. One needs to avoid gluten only if he/she is suffering from gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Gluten containing wholegrain are a powerhouse of fiber, B complex vitamins, selenium, magnesium and proteins hence a normal person with no complications whatsoever can consume gluten without the fear of putting on weight.

5. Staying away from carbs

Carbohydrates are not at all bad for the body.
Let us understand this well. Carbohydrates are of two types - complex carbs and simple carbs. Complex carbs consists of our whole grains, fruits, veggies and legumes. Whereas simple carbs consist of honey, candies, jam, jellies, table sugar etc. In order to lose weight we need to limit the intake of simple carbs and complex carbs need to accommodated in the diet smartly. Avoiding carbs completely can lead to adverse effects as the body would not get adequate energy. Complex carbohydrates are loaded with fiber and are essential for weight loss. Hence do not banish the carbs completely as they can keep you full and also aid in weight loss.

6. Making fats your enemy

Not all fats are bad!!

Not all fats are bad. Yes you heard it right! It is important to differentiate between the good and bad fats. Fats such as trans fats and saturated fats are known to increase the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries and lead to heart problems and various other diseases whereas polyunsaturated fatty (including omega 3) and monounsaturated fatty acids are good for the heart, skin, hair and also weight loss. Remember little fat is required by our body as fats provide insulation to our vital organs and prevent them from shock. So do not portray fats as villains as good fats can be your best friends.

7. Being dependent on detox and cleanses

Do not rely on detox and cleanse diets too often.

Do not rely on a detox or a cleanse in order to lose weight. Detox diets are diets which are simply dependent on fruits and veggies for energy and lack essential nutrients like proteins and fats. Remember we have a liver which does the detoxification part for us automatically. Hence do not starve yourself to lose weight as such diets do not make sense, they rather make you weak and lethargic.


Eat well and you do not need to follow any wrong notions.

In the end if you are looking for nutritional advice visit a well trained nutritionist rather than trying to find correct answers on the internet or social media. Only an expert can guide you in the right direction, so learn from the best.