The face is rejuvenated of by Botox therapy/different kinds of facials & creams to remove wrinkles, Hair regrown on scalp and adult heart is ageing with each passing day. 

Heart too shows that it is getting old & overworked due to different kinds of triggers, only if we care to look at symptoms.

All is not lost yet for the careless lot who have been devoting their life to a chair job.

Middle-aged people can Reverse their risk of heart failure associated with years of leading a sedentary lifestyle by starting to exercise.

A sedentary lifestyle causes shrinkage and stiffening of heart muscles, increasing the risk of a heart failure.

According to a study in Journal Circulation Fifty, a study was carried out between 45-66 sedentary adults who were divided into two groups.

One group received intensive aerobic exercise training for 4 or more days in a week for 2 years.

Other control group participated in Yoga, balance training and weight training 3 times a week for 2 years.

In an exercise-trained group, people had healthier hearts with more powers to utilize Oxygen as the circulation of blood to heart improved by doing aerobic exercise.

Other group trained on Yoga etc showed no improvement in the working of muscles of the heart.

Through study though, we cannot undermine other benefits of Yoga to entire body including the Mind.

7 symptoms which can be a warning of an impending heart disease are-

1) Breathlessness ( rule out causes due to lungs, weak liver &and anaemia.

2) Water retention( Rule out premenstrual tension in women, Kidney and Liver disease in both men and women & do a total thyroid profile along with LFT and KFT).

3) Pain all over the body without a reason.

4) Sleeping more or feeling drowsy even at early morning despite a good night's sleep.

5) Difficulty to get sleep.

6) Irritability & Confusion ( Rule out Multitasking in women, though it does precede a heart attack !)

7) Obesity and complexes added to size XXL.

Acquired heart diseases can be cut short with modifications in Lifestyle.

The key to a healthier heart in middle age is the right dose of exercise, at the right time in life.

Exercising only for 20-3 times in a week did Not do much to protect the heart against ageing.

Optimal dose is 4-5 times a week.

The result is Reversal of decades of a sedentary lifestyle on the heart for most of study participants-the study author added.

Word of caution to the person suffering from both Heart & lung disease.

Lungs need restful life to recover from abuse caused by pollution, COPD & low levels of Oxygen in the environment.

The heart wants more exercise by the body so that the tiny collateral blood vessels on heart get a chance to open up, to supply more blood to the heart, so that it can function better to supply more blood to the entire body.

A Balance has to be created between Exercise & Rest by the suffering person so that both organs, the supplier of Oxygen, the lungs and the Pumping in-charge, the heart remain in a healthy unison.